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To some, a lost key can ruin the day. No need for that any more!
Locksmith Dallas's swift emergency service will make you forget you ever had a problem You can rely on our affordable services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We guarantee a 15 minutes response time from the moment that your call comes through to one of our courteous customer service representatives.

Our state of the art computerized technological system enables our representatives to pass your request on to the technician closest to you.

Our company offers full service for residential, commercial and automobile lock requirements.
Day and night service is our motto.

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation that made you ask yourself ?How do I find the closest locksmith?" Rest assured that you are not the only one! Many people have. It is not uncommon nowadays to need a locksmith and to need one urgently. In the past, people used to ask around for an advice whom should they turn to from their family and friends. Nowadays, the internet is available on almost all devices and offers us an easy access to information. It is our favorite means of communication today, as well as our favorite problem solver. People usually turn to it for the quickest result and search for "locksmiths near me".

Search results could be overwhelming at times.
Surely, you would like to entrust your possessions only to the best in a profession. You deserve only superb service, no question about it. But the trick is knowing how to choose well. While you were going through the results, were you considering to hire an A1 locksmith? What if I would tell you, we can offer you the best locksmith service provider. Locksmith Dallas Services is everything you expect from the best service provider, and even more. There is no locksmith in Dallas nor in Carrollton like us, plus we are the nearest locksmith. Here is why.

Turn Of Events

Let's say you are having a great time at the new club. The music is just perfect like you would choose for yourself, and your company is even better. Everything is in its place. You are enjoying yourself for all those hard work time you sacrificed and invested in your career. The party is never-ending, you laugh, dance and sing. One moment you realized you got carried away, You decide it is the time to go home and rest. You approach your car, reach the knob and click. "NO!", you scream in silence, as you start to realize what is happening as the panic starts to arise. The door is jammed, and what's worse, while you were peeking inside to find at least one option to solve the problem - there they are. Little shiny keys of a car, in the the car. Of course, you are getting angry, and you want to pop the lock instantly, maybe even break the window, you are ready to do whatever it takes, but you are aware how damaging and expensive a wrong move could be to your car and you. What is the right to do in this unpleasant situation?

What To Do?

Do not stress, keep calm. We are that right call to make for help. Why? MB Auto Locksmith offers an immediate answer to your call, no matter what the problem is or when including even a car lockout in the middle of the night. It doesn't matter what time is it, where you are 75217 / 75211 / 75228 etc' or what car you drive. We know how to deal with this or any other emergency situation. For example, if you would find yourself locked out of a house. Simply give us a call and tell us your exact location and situation you are faced with, and all your worries stop there. Prompt response from our team will solve your trouble.

Why Are We The Best Locksmith Service Provider For You?

We've grown our business steadily over the last 12 years so we can proudly say that we can provide you with a full range of services, including emergency situations whenever they occur, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Our certified locksmiths go the distance just to make sure that our customers have earned our trust with outstanding locksmith skills that are both quick and refined. As a 24 hour locksmith, we receive the call even in the middle of the night and promptly react with the same quality and professionalism as we would do at any other time of the day.

We don't take chances with our reputation in any step of the way. Our staff is trained, insured, licensed and bonded, happy to provide a solution to any possible situation you might have.

We are dedicated to offering immediate and reliable assistance to our customers for any possible situation related to:

  • Emergency locksmith
  • Residential locksmith
  • Commercial locksmith
  • Car locksmith / Automotive lockmsith
  • Rekey situation
  • Security systems
  • Locks and Safes

Can I afford the best service?

Wonder no more! The answer is - YES! Do not waste your time or money on the wrong decisions. Contact us, we prioritize our clients first. All our prices are reasonable and affordable because we listen to our customer's needs. You have found locksmith service provider you can really rely on. Whatever your need may be, Locksmith Dallas offers the solution, including estimates completely FREE of charge. Get Your FREE ESTIMATE Now!

Make us your personal "Locksmith near me" first thought. Locksmith Dallas - 24/7 Emergency Locksmith near you. Rely on us. Join our customers, your satisfaction is our priority. For immediate response: 469-312-2820

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